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You’re a startup, scaleup, or SME businesses, competing in the technology sector?
We’re here to help you accelerate your innovative solutions and products growth.

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Expert Resources (SPIN Program), COO, CTO, CMO

The SPIN Program consists of a curated list of qualified resources, in accordance with our high-quality standards and rigorous selection process. These resources are meant to act as c-levels, or support your c-levels, for a determined domain of expertise, that is key to your company’s growth and acceleration. We have built this program to make available experts in growth, innovation, employer brand and culture, technology, marketing, and many more domains of expertise.

Whether you’re trying to solve an issue, build a structure, or reach a specific goal, we will direct you toward the best SPIN resource to help you with that regard. This person will have as an external consultant to help support and align your internal efforts toward reaching your goals.

Organizational and technical programs

We offer customized training to help you continuously improve certain areas of business or to help you solve an organizational or technical flaw. We track and analyze market trends to ensure all information made available to you through us, is up-to-date or oftentimes, ahead of the curve. Events are also held almost systematically with our training programs to make sure members of our ecosystem get the most out of it. They can get together, exchange best practices, talk about innovative solutions, and obviously, make valuable connections.

The training topics will vary accordingly with your needs and level of expertise. We can help you improve your leadership, change management approach, teamwork capacity, culture, creativity and innovation mindsets.