What would a hub for smart retail and experiential technology innovation be without a lab, or without providing a technological showcase?

The answer to this question is precisely why the CIETECH Zone will have all that and so much more.

Designed by the CIETECH team, this one-of-a-kind, multipurpose space will serve not only as a technology lab and showcase, but also as a co-working space and event venue.

Users of the 2,300 square foot space on Repentigny’s Notre-Dame Street will feel right at home in the inspiring, innovative locale.

Technological showcase

What better way to help retailers go digital faster than by informing them about the latest technological advances? In fact, in the CIETECH Zone, they’ll even get to try them out for themselves. That’s because this extraordinary space will showcase ground-breaking technology for the retail sector, sometimes for a limited time, sometimes as a permanent fixture.

Tech lab

In addition to putting new technology on display, one of CIETECH’s raisons d’être is experimentation. So it’s only natural that it would feature a laboratory for conducting experiments. The facilities can be easily rearranged based on the user’s needs, quickly transforming from a check-out counter to store aisles or a virtual reality space, for example.

Need to test out a technology under a range of technical conditions?

Want to dry-run a prototype in a controlled environment?

Interested in developing breakthrough technology using a device you don’t have?

Rejoice! The CIETECH Zone lab has everything you need!

Once laboratory testing is complete, all you’ll have to do is put your product to the test in a real-life situation, in the Digital Quad, that is.

Co-working space

The CIETECH Zone brings the retail and smart retail and experiential tech industries under one roof, keeping these innovative businesses connected and collaborating.

Every detail has gone into making it an enjoyable, productive space and, above all, a breeding ground for creativity. With an open layout, the CIETECH Zone will be able to accommodate some 20 people at once, and will be equipped with a noise reduction system. Anyone who has worked in an open workspace before will appreciate having such a system.

Tech companies who use the space will have access to a range of services and other perks—cutting-edge technology, a fully equipped kitchen, bean bag chairs to help them shut off their brains once in a while—in line with the highest industry standards, all in a streamlined industrial tech decor inspired by “the future of business.” In short, the perfect recipe for new ideas to flourish.

Event space

With a slew of activities scheduled throughout the year, the event-venue aspect of the space has also been given careful consideration. Thanks to a centralized audio video system, event planners will be able to create unforgettable moments, experiences limited only to their own imaginations. While some functions will have a more corporate focus, others will showcase new information and technology, giving attendees plenty to see and muse over. With everything from workshops to networking activities, there will be something for everyone and every budget.

All that in just 2,300 square feet?

Quite the challenge, is it not? Not for CIETECH it isn’t! We scouted around for the best layout, design and space-saving furniture options, and dreamed up ingenious solutions for reconfiguring the space for our own countless purposes… and yours!

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements with information about the grand opening of this centre for innovation and experimentation!